Want to join?

Our Interprofessional Pain Care Symposia are given in appealing cities. Besides a transcendent programme, it is always nice when you're in a place where you can combine business with pleasure.

Would you like to organize an Interprofessional Pain Care Symposium in your country, please contact us. We offer an attractive network with professionals in the field of pain medicine, a professional and well experienced event organization and profitable plan.

Give us your confidence to create an unforgettable event. Working in partnership with you, our team is on hand from when the first designs are made to the last delegate leaving no matter the time or place.

To discuss your congress requirements in more detail please send an email to info@painbridge.nl.


Thinking of becoming a participating centre? Painbridge B.V. accepts new centres worldwide to spread the concept of bridging the gaps in interprofessional pain care. Being a unique centre for your country in the pain care chain several regulations apply:

  • One (1) centre for each country
  • Each centre organises, in collaboration with Painbridge B.V., one (1) pain symposium every other year
  • The pain symposium is organised in the capital city or another large and attractive city
  • The participating centre searches, finds and maintains, in collaboration with Painbridge B.V., an adequate location as venue for the pain symposium
  • The participating centre makes use of its network and arranges as many local speakers as possibly can for the pain symposium (decreasing the travel expences)
  • The participating centre makes use of its network and arranges as many delegates as possibly can for the pain symposium (increasing the revenues)
  • The participating centre provides information concerning selected hotels, restaurants and places of interest in the (immediate) vicinity of the venue
  • Being a participating centre, you will receive a half of the pure profit of the pain symposium, held in your country. The pure profit will be transparently calculated and presented by means of a unique business case for that centre.

    If you want to become a participating centre, please write to the organising committee (info@painbrige.nl).