Interprofessional Pain Care Symposia

Pain symposia by Painbridge

We would like to introduce our new concept with you: our Interprofessional Pain Care Symposium. This pain symposium is organised each year in different cities and countries around the world. The goal of our pain symposia is to highlight the most actual topics in pain medicine and to educate you.

This year our pain symposium is organised in top cities:

  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Rotterdam

Each pain symposium has it's own unique programme, delivered by top medical professionals in pain medicine.

Painbridge is an eventmanagement bureau who organises pain symposia all over the world. What we do is quite simple. At each pain symposium we deliver a great visitor experience. Our pain symposia are especially designed to meet the needs of the participants who are interested in pain medicine. We also simplify the business of exhibiting by providing an excellent stage to our exhibitors. We provide affordable opportunities for medical companies, with packaged solutions, tailored for all several exhibitor categories.

On the left you can see which pain symposia Painbridge is organising at this very moment. Click on the location you would like to know more about and find out more. Do you have any questions regarding our pain symposia or would you like to know more about Painbridge? Contact us here. Would you like to stay updated about all news regarding our pain symposia? You can sign up for our newsletter at our homepage. Fill in the form and click on the button "Keep me updated". We will not only send you information about our pain symposia, but also about our congresses and about our webinars.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Interprofessional Pain Care symposium!

Do you want to organise a Interprofessional Pain Care seminar yourself? Click here for the first information and contact information.